Q: What is ASBPE?
A: Founded in 1964 as the American Society of Business Press Editors, ASBPE is the professional association for full-time and freelance editors, writers, art directors, and designers employed in the business, trade, and specialty press. The official name was changed to the American Society of Business Publication Editors in 1997 and to ASBPE in 2012.

Q: Who can join ASBPE?
A: Regular membership in ASBPE is open to editors, writers, art directors, and designers who work for business, professional, trade and association/society publications, including freelancers. Affiliate membership is open to any individual or supplier who offers products or services to regular members and/or their publishing organizations. Student membership is open to all full-time students registered at an accredited college or university. Affiliate and student memberships are nonvoting.

Q: Why should I join ASBPE?
14 Great Reasons to Join ASBPEA: ASBPE offers a variety of programs aimed at expanding professional and management training and at providing local and national networking opportunities. Unlike some other magazine associations, ASBPE is exclusively an editors’ group. Its focus is on helping editors develop skills, especially editorial management skills, that will enhance their performance and prepare them to play larger roles in their publishing organizations. To learn more about the benefits of membership, read our 14 Great Reasons To Join ASBPE page.

Q: How does ASBPE communicate with its members?
A: In addition to this Web site, ASBPE publishes an electronic newsletter and an annual directory. The Society maintains a national headquarters office to answer members’ questions, and a Job Bank at this Web site. In addition, the Society has a number of local chapters that offer educational and social programs in their metro areas.

Q: Does ASBPE have a local chapter in my area?
A: ASBPE currently has chapters in

Work is under way to develop a chapter in Milwaukee. If you’re interested in starting a chapter in your city or getting involved in existing chapter activities, see our chapters page or contact ASBPE headquarters at info@asbpe.org. Phone: (727) 553-4214.

Q: How does the Awards of Excellence competition work?
A: The ASBPE Awards of Excellence, established more than 20 years ago, recognizes outstanding editorial, design, and web development. With more than 1,000 entries in a typical year, the competition is the largest in the business press.

Awards are given in more than 30 editorial, design, and online categories. In addition, the Society annually recognizes a Magazine of the Year in each of two circulation categories. Any qualifying trade, professional, business or association publication may enter, but members get substantial discounts on editorial entries.

ASBPE also offers a Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize editors who have made significant and lasting contributions to our profession and to the industries their magazines serve. Candidates must meet four requirements:

  • Significant tenure (20 years or more) on business publications.
  • A commitment to editorial excellence.
  • A commitment to the business and professional press.
  • A commitment to the industries their publications serve.

Q: What does ASBPE offer in the way of educational programs?
A: The cornerstone of the Society’s educational offering is its National Editorial Conference, which takes place in the spring each year. The conference brings together editors from around the country to focuses on such issues as management training, technology issues, improving readership, and so forth.

In addition, local chapters offer regular educational events throughout the year, including panel discussions and seminars. In addition, the Society periodically conducts salary surveys to determine salary levels and related employment trends in the industry.

Q: Does ASBPE offer any programs to help young editors who are just starting their careers?
A: ASBPE’s annual Young Leaders Scholarship allows younger editors who might otherwise be unable to attend the ASBPE National Editorial Conference. These scholarships are open to all business editors, including print and Web. Scholarships pay the conference and hotel room costs for up to five worthy applicants per year. (Transportation to and from the conference, any non-conference meals, and other incurred costs are the responsibility of the winners or their individual publishing companies.)

Scholarship recipients also receive a free one-year membership to ASBPE if they are not already members.

Qualifications for the scholarship include the following:

  • Applicant must be 30 years of age or younger.
  • Applicant must be a business publication editor, and have been so for a minimum of two years.
  • Candidacy must be sponsored by their publication’s Chief Editor.
  • Applicant must plan to continue in the business press as a career.
  • Applicant may not be a past ASBPE Young Leaders Scholarship winner.

The application deadline is generally in early Spring each year. A call for entries is mailed out to ASBPE members and posted on this site. To get more information about the scholarship please email info@asbpe.org or call ASBPE national board member Paul Heney at (216) 931-9478.

Q: Does ASBPE recommend professional guidelines to its members?
A: ASBPE offers a Code of Preferred Editorial Practices in which it recommends guidelines for dealing with advertisers, sales departments, and so forth. A copy can found on our Ethics Page.

Q: How do I get a classified ad posted on ASBPE’s Job Bank page?
A: Just fill out our online Job Submission Form with position description, contact information and other pertinent information. If you prefer, you can e-mail your ad to info@asbpe.org.

Q: Are there guidelines for posting a classified ad?
A: We will post editorial positions only. If you are an employer or a freelance writer with a collaborative opportunity, please feel free to submit this opportunity for addition to our job bank. ASBPE reserves the right to decide whether to post a listing.

Q: How much does it cost to post an ad?
A: Nothing! This service is free since it provides a benefit to our members.

Q: Will ASBPE link to my site?
A: To request a link, e-mail us with as much information about your organization as possible. We’ll review your site and provide links as appropriate.

Q: How can I contact ASBPE?
A: To submit a question or comment, fill out our contact form. To contact individual ASBPE committee members, see our ASBPE roster.