The ASBPE Foundation aims to set the educational standard for b2b editors in today’s exciting media environment.

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Foundation Mission Statement

The practice of business-to-business journalism is undergoing enormous change, driven in large part by the rapid rise of powerful new media platforms, including blogs, audio and video podcasts, audio and video Web presentations, webinars, virtual conferences, and social networking environments. Not only do these platforms require new skills on the part of editors, but they change how editors prepare and present content for their traditional print publications. Given their central role as trained and experienced communicators for their specialized audiences, b2b journalists must strive to stay at the center of the editorial process as content increasingly is developed for these new media platforms. Meanwhile, the country’s journalism schools have been slow to recognize the key role of b2b media as a major entry point for journalists, as well as a permanent career home for many.

Through its nationwide network of professional b2b publication editors, ASBPE is ideally suited to champion educational programs that serve the b2b editing profession, and to raise the profile of the b2b journalism specialty in the media world. No other organization in the United States today focuses exclusively on the professional development of b2b editors. Seeing this need, the board of ASBPE seeks to create through its ASBPE Foundation a platform for channeling contributions from b2b publishers, and others with a stake in the profession’s continuing excellence, into dedicated programs targeted exclusively at the education of b2b editors.

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Role of B2B Editors

The work of business-to-business editors is vitally important to the evolution of knowledge in the public and private sectors. Every industry is served by an array of magazines, newsletters, newspapers, Web publications, videos, and audio programming whose only mission is to facilitate the free exchange of information among professionals.

As the knowledgeable and highly trained specialists who manage and create the content for these publications and electronic communications, business editors are the key to the continued free flow of news, best practices, and technical research within an industry. Indeed, business editors are the indispensable knowledge workers who help shape the environment in which businesses and nonprofit organizations operate. These knowledge workers combine expertise in their subject matter with their skills as writers and editors to tell the stories that professionals in an industry rely on to grow their own expertise.

Without b2b editors, companies and organizations would operate in a vacuum, hampered in their ability to grow due to inconsistent and insufficient flows of information among the professionals in their industry.


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Foundation Board


Amy Fischbach
Field Editor, Electric Utility Operations
Transmission and Distribution World
Overland Park, KS
Phone: 913-579-4242

Immediate Past President

Roy Harris
Hingham, MA
Phone: 781-740-3114

Board Members

Abe Peck
Director B2B Communication, Medill, Northwestern University
Santa Barbara, CA
Phone: 805-681-1102

Betsy Edgerton
Associate chair and associate professor, Journalism
Communication Department
Columbia College Chicago
Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-307-1986

Carol Holstead

Associate Professor
School of Journalism
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
Phone: 785-864-7628

Paul J. Heney
Editorial Director
WTWH Media
Cleveland, OH
Phone: 440-376-5672

Travis Stanton
Exhibitor Media Group
Rochester, MN
Phone: 507-289-6556

Sam Oches
Editorial Director
Food News Media
Journalistic Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC
Phone: 919-945-0703

Rob Freedman
Director, Multimedia Communications
National Association of Realtors
Washington, DC
Phone: 202-383-1012

Foundation Programs

To create pathways for the continuing mastery of content delivery by b2b editors, the foundation takes a range of educational approaches. Among them:

  1. Sponsorship of special awards. The Stephen Barr Award, funded by the Foundation, is part of ASBPE’s Azbee Awards of Excellence program, designed to encourage journalism of the highest quality within b2b publications. The Foundation also funds the Journalism That Matters Award, which was awarded to VTDigger in 2018. The award was inspired by ASBPE’s book of the same title, which features case studies of B2B journalists whose articles brought about change within their industries. Editors may nominate themselves or a deserving colleague.
  2. On-site professional development seminars. Working with b2b publishers, both large and small, the Foundation helps design and host customized on-site training programs for working b2b editors.
  3. Online educational programs and webinars. For the continuing education and career development of b2b editors, the Foundation taps the expertise of top b2b editors in online professional development programs.
  4. Encouraging college b2b programs. The Foundation helps sponsor the ASBPE-AEJMC Student B2B Writing Award, begun in 2012. The winner for 2013 is Gin Sexsmith of Ryerson University.
  5. Leadership outreach. The Foundation has a program for funding travel by ASBPE leaders to journalism schools each year for b2b editing career presentations.
  6. Young Leader Scholarship. To help young editors who are just starting their careers, ASBPE started the annual Young Leaders Scholarship in 2001. The scholarship allows younger editors who might otherwise be unable to attend the ASBPE National Conference or Boot Camps.