ASBPE President Mark Schlack on the Changing World of B2B Editorial

In his address at the recent ASBPE National Conference, incoming President Mark Schlack discusses his vision for the ASBPE as an authoritative source on ethics and journalistic techniques in the ever evolving world of print and digital publishing.

Watch the video, or read the transcript appearing below.


The World Wide Web will be 20 years old as a commercial entity next year, and it’s about as mature as a 20-year-old might be. There’s a lot left to do in the maturation of the Web and the evolution of it and we, the ASBPE, need to be part of that process just as we need to be part of the process of print settling into its place in the world, as well as any other new things that come along.

But ethics, skill training: These are vital to modernizing our profession. Most of us today are not just concerned with words and images, but also video, audio, social media, virtual trade shows — I mean, it’s a long list — and whatever comes down the pike next week or next year. And I want ASBPE to be an organization that helps us all cope with these changes, that returns to us a sense of mastery of our own craft.