Archived Webcast: Best Practices in Digital Storytelling for B2B

Opportunities in digital storytelling — the marriage of storytelling and digital technology — are plentiful. An estimated 35,000 jobs related to digital storytelling are available in the Kansas City metro area alone. And this number is forecasted to increase by 15.2 percent in the next 10 years.story-3

Check out this webcast to learn how you can put your skills to work in this promising growth area of the B2B editorial world.  James Hopper, chair of web and digital communications at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kan., explores:

  • An Introduction to digital storytelling and the industry it supports
  • Transformative trends in media
  • Consumer created content: viral videos and social media advertising
  • Defining a digital story
  • Why you should use digital storytelling
  • The steps you should follow to create the best possible digital storytelling experience for your audience

ASBPE Members can download slides and related materials from the presentation.

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About the032713_Hopper_James_003R speaker:
Professor James F. Hopper is the current chair of web and digital communications at Johnson County Community College, Kansas, where he recently introduced a Web Technologies Associate of Applied Science degree, focusing on mobile web technologies. Professor Hopper is the first faculty member to be the recipient of a student grant in his name in the history of the college. He has taught at JCCC for 15 years where he introduces the web-curious to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe software, and other web technologies. On a personal note, he is the father of four beautiful and talented daughters.