Does your publication not sign contracts with its freelance contributors? It should! In this archived webcast, Katerina Duarte, a Manhattan attorney who represents freelance creative people in New York and New Jersey, explains the risks for both the freelance contributor and the client publication.

Duarte discusses:

  • Proactive ways to prevent misunderstandings and disputes involving payment, copyright, reuse, and plagiarism.
  • Provisions to be covered in a written agreement, as well as other legal and ethical issues;
  • Best practices for avoiding bad clients and how to collect from them; and
  • Insights on the benefits of formalizing the editor-freelancer relationship with a contract.

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About the Speaker

Katerina Duarte (Photo credit: Mani Zarrin)

Katerina Duarte (Photo credit: Mani Zarrin)

Katerina Duarte is a Manhattan-based attorney who specializes in providing legal advice to creative people including authors, bloggers, artists and designers. Duarte is a litigator and general business attorney. She employs alternative dispute resolution whenever possible. A native New Yorker, Duarte is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the University of Miami and Temple University schools of law. She is a mother of two and a food blogger at