The long-standing tradition of a Church and State-like separation between the editorial and business functions of a magazine allows readers to have confidence in the integrity of editorial content. But it also breaks the connection between two halves of a whole. This in turn affects how magazines respond to change, which–in today’s turbulent industry climate–can make all the difference.

So how can these twin silos be breached? Communication. We’ve gone behind the scenes to ask how publishers would like to work with editors to make sure magazines thrive. 

Join us at 2 p.m. EST on February 28 for an exclusive look at the publisher’s perspective as PurpleGray’s Kilian Schalk examines the current state of the publisher-editor relationship and how it can be improved. 

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Kilian Schalk, culture change and magazine workflow specialist with a focus on Continuous Improvement, staff development, silo break-down, and using the resources you already have. 

About the Speaker 

PurpleGray founder Kilian Schalk uses coaching, workshops and interim management to help magazines adapt to a changing (digital) world. He enables existing staff to work across silos, identify and leverage opportunity within their own workflows, and introduce Continuous Improvement techniques to make change stick. 

Kilian’s deep commitment to staff development, as well as his appreciation for how fear blocks innovation and refusal to accept projects designed to reduce headcount, flows from his relationship with Condé Nast, where as Managing Editor for Editorial Development he helped define and implement cultural change across eighteen titles, and eleven years at the New Yorker, where as Technical Director of Digital Projects he was integral to the launch of the magazine’s website, digital archive, and kindle, nook, and iPad editions. He was also the youngest Production Manager in Rolling Stone history.