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Membership Requirements

ASBPE membership is available at no cost to staff and freelance editors, reporters, art directors and designers of B2B-oriented (i.e.: business, trade, association, professional) publications. No-cost membership is also available to faculty and students in the journalism departments (or related fields) at institutions of higher learning. Persons engaged in public relations, corporate communications, or as vendors, and other persons having a professional or occupational interest in journalism, communications, or business publications are eligible for a paid membership.

All members are required to have a valid U.S. address. ASBPE does not currently accept international members.

Why Join ASBPE?

1. ASBPE Is Your Voice

ASBPE is exclusively an association of professional editors, writers, freelancers, graphic artists and art directors who work for business magazines and their associated websites. Our central focus is helping our members develop their editorial, design and management skills, which will enhance their performance and prepare them to play larger roles in their publishing organizations. We also believe content creators must be aware of trends in advertising sales, circulation, marketing, production, and the business of publishing.

2. National Conference

At ASBPE’s National Conference, you can learn how to deal with the management, technical and financial issues that are shaping your future as a professional and the future of your publication. Hear what the country’s top experts have to say about business and editorial practices that work. Swap ideas with your peers from around the country. The meeting fosters a collegial atmosphere where you can easily network with your peers.

Already perhaps the best value in our industry, the conference is an even better value for members. Members get discounted rates to attend the annual conference and national Azbee Awards of Excellence banquet.

3. Annual Azbee Awards of Excellence

ASBPE’s annual Azbee Awards of Excellence competition is the largest and most competitive in B2B publishing. The Society recognizes excellence — in both print and digital platforms — in 60 editorial and design categories, including:

  • Feature Article
  • Regular Column (Staff-Written & Contributed)
  • Magazine Design
  • Magazine Redesign
  • How-To Article
  • E-Newsletter
  • Enterprise News Story
  • Front Cover
  • Case History
  • Online Breaking News Coverage
  • Magazine of the Year
  • Multi-Platform Package of the Year
  • Website of the Year
  • The Journalism That Matters Award, and
  • The Stephen Barr Award for individual reporting

Members can enter the competition at a discounted rate.

4. Annual Azbee Awards of Excellence Banquets

Our banquets honor our gold, silver, and bronze winners on regional and national levels. The national banquet also features the winners of our national Multi-Platform Package, Website and Magazine of the Year categories, and the Stephen Barr Award.

The Stephen Barr Award is ASBPE’s “best of show” prize, selected by a panel of judges from the top feature-writing categories. The award identifies the finest example of writing that displays the qualities Barr’s work exemplified: inventiveness of approach (and especially use of narrative style), insightfulness, balance in the presentation of a complex subject, depth of investigation, and impact among the community of readers.

Members may attend the banquet at a discount.

5. Lifetime Achievement Award and the Young Leaders Scholarship

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an editor who has contributed to the profession throughout his or her career. Our Young Leaders Scholarship pays the registration fees for promising young editors to attend our National Conference.

6. E-Newsletters

Keep up to date on what’s happening at ASBPE with our e-newsletters. Every alert has valuable information that will help editors and designers do their jobs more effectively.

7. Member Discounts

Members get discounts on fees for Society conferences, the Azbee Awards of Excellence competition, local chapter networking events and boot camps, selected books and other special opportunities.

8. Educational Opportunities

Local chapters present a variety of educational programs. Discover new resources and enhance your career. Your chapter membership is included in your national membership. ASBPE sponsors local chapters in the following cities:

No local chapter in your city? The Society is working to build additional chapters in other major business publishing centers across the country. If you’d like to start one, ASBPE can put you in touch with others in your location and supply the know-how and resources. Contact ASBPE for details at (520) 302-4439 or

9. Networking Events

ASBPE Happy Hours and other networking events help members to meet their local peers, discuss current issues in the B2B industry, and learn about job opportunities. By attending these events ASBPE members can keep on top of industry trends, make important contacts and share strategies.

10. ASBPE Webinars

ASBPE offers webinars on cutting-edge topics presented by top professionals in the field. Members receive discounts on all webinars, and some are FREE to members!

11. The ASBPE Website and Members-Only Section

ASBPE’s website includes job postings, a freelancer directory, roundups of the Society’s national and chapter activitiesuseful links, and a whole lot more.

An exclusive members-only section contains:

  • Archived webinars
  • How-to articles that help members do their jobs more effectively.

12. Guide to Preferred Editorial Practices

ASBPE’s guide helps identify potential ethical conflicts and encourages a high level of professionalism. The Guide also includes guidelines for web publishing. Members automatically receive a copy of the Guide when they join.

13. ASBPE Ethics Advisories

ASBPE Ethics Advisories are opinions issued by ASBPE’s ethics committee on ethical questions submitted by members. They are based on ASBPE’s Guide to Preferred Editorial Practices, and they are available only to ASBPE members.

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Here’s What Members Say About ASBPE

Travis StantonTravis Stanton

“My company uses the Azbee awards as a barometer of its editorial and design success. I push our writers to produce Azbee-worthy stories every month. The possibility of being honored as one of the best in the nation is a significant motivating factor. Winning Azbees has helped prove to my managers that my writers and I are valuable assets to the company, and that the work we produce is among the best in the B2B world.”

Paul Heney photoPaul J. Heney
Editorial Director
Design World

“When I first discovered ASBPE, I was thrilled to find such an insightful document as the group’s Guide of Preferred Editorial Practice. I consulted the Guide as I learned the industry and advanced to Editorial Director, working for three very different publishing companies in the process. It has been a blessing to have such a thoughtful document backed by a reputable organization to back up my personal feelings about what is right and wrong.”

Tonie Auer photoTonie Auer
Commercial Real Estate Reporter
Bisnow Media Corp.

“Several years ago, I had the good fortune of attending a national ASBPE conference. While at the conference, there was a mantra that digital is the wave of the future. Social media would be the key to staying up to date and relevant in the journalism industry. I’m glad I listened. Today, I work for a solely digital B2B publication (that is one of the very few media outlets in growth mode). Thanks to the ASBPE and its excellent leadership and training, I’m right where I need to be.”

Harry McCracken photoHarry McCracken
Editor at Large

“When I presented at an ASBPE Webinar in 2008, I hoped that the lessons I’ve learned as a blogger and entrepreneur would prove useful to those who attended the online event. But I didn’t realize that I’d find the Webinar educational, too. I had a co-presenter, Junta42’s Joe Pulizzi, and I found listening to his half of our session — devoted to a concept he pioneered, content marketing — as rewarding as conducting my part.”

Amy Florence Fischbach photoAmy Florence Fischbach
ASBPE Foundation President, Former ASBPE National President and 2002 Young Leaders Scholarship winner

“ASBPE’s Young Leaders Scholarship program has proven to be instrumental to me during my B2B publishing career. Ten years ago, I had the honor of earning the scholarship and attending the national conference in Chicago. I then became one of the founding board members of ASBPE’s Kansas City chapter, and after serving as the chapter president, I moved up to the national level as the vice president and now as the president of the organization.”

Alison FultonAlison Fulton
Design Director
Farm Journal Media

“In this era of social media and digital publishing, designers and editors need to work closely together. ASBPE is reaching out to designers as part of its new mission. I am currently serving on the ASBPE marketing subcommittee and look forward to helping the ASBPE evolve to meet emerging technologies.”